What Size Battery System Should I Install for my Home?

When considering whether to add energy storage to your home, you’ll probably find yourself asking, ‘What size battery system should I install?’ The answer is fairly straightforward and ultimately comes down to your energy usage habits…

Energy Usage to Energy Storage Balance

To work out what size battery system is right for you, you’ll first need to determine your home’s energy usage. To do this, simply check your latest energy bill (see image below) and look for the ‘Usage Summary’ section, where you should find your ‘Average Daily Usage’. Below is an approximate scale that equates your general usage to an indicative energy storage requirement… This should help you answer, ‘What size battery system should I install?’

Under 30kWh daily usage = 8.5kWh PowerCap® System

31-45kWh daily usage = 14.4kWh Three Phase / 15kWh Single Phase PowerCap® System

Over 46kWh daily usage = 50kWh PowerCap® System

PowerCap® Technology is also available in daisy-chained configurations*.

What is a daisy-chained configuration?

How Does the PowerCap® Energy Storage System Reduce Energy Bills?

The PowerCap® Hybrid Supercapacitor captures clean energy generated throughout the day for later use. To avoid peak tariff fees, PowerCap® Technology is designed to export and import energy in accordance with grid behaviour. Working to reduce your energy bill the PowerCap® makes the clean energy you generate available when the sun isn’t shining. PowerCap® Technology is empowering Australian residents and businesses to take control of their energy usage and enjoy power their way.

Do I Need Solar to Install a PowerCap® Energy Storage System?

Whilst PowerCap® users derive the greatest benefit from their system when coupled with solar, PowerCap® Technology can still charge from the grid when prices are low to protect against peak tariff fees. This kind of PowerCap® configuration still provides some blackout protection but cannot recharge from the grid during this period.

Energy Bill

What Size Battery System Should I Install?