Simple Tips to Reduce Your Energy Bill

Easy Tips to Reduce Your Energy Bill

Mindfully reducing unnecessary energy consumption is important, follow these tips to reduce your energy bill regardless of whether you have an energy generation and or storage system installed. By adding these simple steps into your routine, you can save money on your energy bill and help the environment.

Replace Old Lights with Energy Efficient LED’s

Simply switching out old incandescent/halogen lights with inexpensive LED’s can make a huge difference in your quarterly electricity bill. These bulbs are high-powered, safe, and convenient to install. Do you prefer the ‘yellow’ light that emits from your existing halogen bulbs? Worry not, LED’s come in a range of colours to suit your every ambience desire. You can even purchase colour changing bulbs that connect to your smartphone as a controller! Brands such as Wiz, Kogan and Genio offer this product and are relatively easy to set up. See an example of LED lighting in a kitchen setting below by Steven Ungermann.

PowerCap® Tips to Reduce Your Energy Bill

Control Your Airflow to Reduce Your Energy Bill

While this one seems logical, it is often overlooked…by managing the airflow in your home proactively, you can effortlessly save on air-conditioning and heating fees. Start by capitalizing on the natural airflow patterns of your home and compound this further with ceiling fan ventilation. On days where breeze alone simply isn’t enough, be sure to close any windows and doors where cool air might escape. Also ensure that you’re only cooling the rooms you’re actually using, this a huge contributor to the often-exorbitant cost of air conditioning. By controlling the temperature on a room-to-room basis, you can stay cool and save money, all at the same time.

Air Flow Tips to Reduce Your Energy Bill

Wash Clothes in Coldwater and Always Ensure a Full Load

While some tough stains do require a long, hot soaking, most day-to-day washes only require tepid water with an appropriate detergent. By organising your week to allow for 1-2 washes maximum you can save on your water and energy bills as well as time in the laundry. Try separating your dirty clothes into lights, darks and colours and organise your weekly wardrobe around your washing schedule, you would be surprised how much easier this can make your daily dressing decision process.

Washing Tips to Reduce Your Energy Bill

Dry Your Clothes on a Clothesline Where Possible

Following that last point, if you have the time and resources, hanging clothes on the line is an ideal solution. Not only is this better for your clothes long term but it is better for the environment and ultimately your pocket.

Drying Tips to Reduce Your Energy Bill

When Purchasing New Appliances Check the Energy Star Rating

This is an easy but often forgotten tip that benefits both you and the Earth. With such a variety of highly engineered products now on the market, not checking the Energy Star Rating listed in-store is a mistake worth avoiding.

Lower the Temperature on Your Water Heater to Reduce Your Energy Bill

Finally, standard water heating systems are often set to heat much warmer than most people actually require. This kind of energy usage can be wasteful and dangerous, especially with small children. Below is a very quick and easy, step by step video guide on how to change your water heater settings…


Add a PowerCap® Home Energy Storage System to Your Home

The PowerCap® Hybrid Supercapacitor is a battery that captures clean and affordable energy throughout the day to reduce grid reliance and your energy bill. Working as an evergreen energy bank for your home, the PowerCap® automatically adjusts to grid behaviour to provide uninterrupted, guilt-free energy usage even during blackout periods.

PowerCap® Energy Bill