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Graphene vs Lithium-Ion Battery Comparison

Ever wondered about the difference between Graphene and Lithium-Ion? As the energy storage market grows to meet consumer demand, Graphene and Lithium-Ion compounds are being compared to determine a user’s ROI and embedded environmental impact. The main areas of consideration when comparing home batteries are Cycle Life, Energy Density and Recyclability.

Maximize your Solar Efficiency at Home with These Simple Tips

Today, almost 1 in 5 Australian households are fitted with solar panels making maximising solar efficiency a top priority for many. Below are some simple tips to make the most of your solar and or home energy storage system…

PowerCap® Energy Freedom Plan

The PowerCap® Energy Freedom Plan is an opt-in program for all existing and new PowerCap® users that serves to benefit the resident/s and surrounding community. By sharing excess energy generated from solar panels throughout the day, residents can offset their energy bills and contribute to grid stabilization.

Our 6 Faces of Difference – Explained

We’re different from other energy storage providers because of our commitment to sourcing natural elements from the Earth. Commonly used battery agents such as Lithium-ion or Lead Acid for example are mined and are toxic to our environment if not properly disposed of.

What Size Solar System Should I Install?

When considering if solar is right for your home, one of the first questions you’ll need to ask yourself is what size system should I install? If you are new to solar, working out power consumption, roof space and grid limits can seem daunting, but this article should help clear some of your confusion.

Omnexa to Provide Vue Eco Village Development with Bushfire Protection Technology

Omnexa is pleased to announce that it has signed a research partnership with Green Vision Developments to provide the Vue Eco Village in Goonellabah, NSW with a world-first bushfire protected, microgrid community system.

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