PowerCap® & Energy Storage FAQ’s

What is a PowerCap®?

The PowerCap® is a graphene-based Electrical Energy Storage System that absorbs affordable energy during the day for later use. Unlike most batteries on the market today, PowerCap® technology is made from natural graphene hybrid technology. With no degradation in performance, the PowerCap® uses electro-chemical-static architecture to store power for up to 3 months.

How Does the PowerCap® Work?

The PowerCap® system uses graphene to capture electrons sustainably and releases them upon demand instantaneously. The PowerCap® connects to a local energy supply (solar or grid) through the switchboard and uses an inverter to regulate the charge and discharge.

PowerCap® coupled with Solar

The PowerCap® can be retrofitted to an existing solar system to harness the sun’s natural energy for later use. This way, PowerCap® owners always have access to secure, clean, on-demand energy.

To ensure protection during power outages, we recommend that a 15kWh single-phase or  14.4kWh three-phase of energy storage be fitted to accommodate 6.6kW of solar PV.

PowerCap® with the Grid

When a PowerCap® is installed with no accompanying solar system, it can charge from the grid when prices are low to protect against peak tariff fees. This PowerCap® configuration still provides blackout protection but cannot recharge from the grid during this period.

PowerCap® with a Generator

Although the PowerCap® can be used in conjunction with backup generators, an external Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) or Manual Transfer Switch (MTS) is required. In the event of a blackout, the PowerCap® responds immediately to provide backup power. A generator is only employed when the PowerCap®’s charge drops below a set threshold. Generally, this would only occur during extended periods of power vacancy. Because the PowerCap® is directly connected to the power switchboard it cannot charge directly from a generator.