PowerCap® Energy Freedom Plan

What is the PowerCap® Energy Freedom Plan?

As we transition towards a clean energy future, many homeowners are adding solar panels to their rooftops to reduce their energy bills and give back to the environment. These distributed energy resources have the power to work together to create an energy network large enough to take over from some (or many) existing fossil fuel energy facilities.

The PowerCap® Energy Freedom Plan offers users a range of financially viable options that deliver 24/7 clean and safe energy security whilst also contributing to grid stabilization during volatile periods. Where the PowerCap® is utilised in an association with other nearby systems, a Virtual Power Network (VPN) can be formed. This technology plays a pivotal role in the future of energy management.

How does the PowerCap® Energy Freedom Plan work?

The PowerCap® Energy Freedom Plan is an opt-in program for all existing and new PowerCap® users that benefits both the residents as well as the surrounding community. By sharing excess energy generated from solar panels throughout the day, residents can offset their energy bills and contribute to grid stabilization.

Why should I join the PowerCap® Energy Freedom Plan?

PowerCap® Energy Freedom Plan members get to enjoy guaranteed energy bill savings together with blackout protection. Volunteering excess solar energy to other homes within the local region helps to flatten fluctuations in energy tariff fees whilst also contributing to a clean energy future.

Is the PowerCap® Energy Freedom Plan a Virtual Power Network (VPN)?

A Virtual Power Network is a web of energy generation and storage systems within a geographic area that collaborate to share and store energy. This process is monitored virtually so that the induvial systems can be export and import according to real-time market data. The Omnexa Group have developed their own Virtual Power Network technology to give its PowerCap® users the ultimate energy security solution.