Our 6 Faces of Difference – Explained

Our six (6) faces of difference were inspired by the Hexagon, the naturally forming structure that Graphene takes, and our brand mascot. We entered the market because we knew something had to be done to aid the clean energy transition. We’re different from other energy storage providers because of our commitment to sourcing natural elements from the Earth. Commonly used battery agents such as Lithium-ion or Lead Acid for example are mined and are toxic to our environment if not properly disposed of. Furthermore, these commonly adopted components can be unsafe due to a possible chemical reaction called ‘thermal runaway’ that can cause fire or explosion. Despite its 25-year lifespan, we’ve still considered its end-of-life treatment which is why all PowerCap® Technology is 100% recyclable with some components even being biodegradable. If we collectively unshackle our energy generation and storage methods away from fossil fuels, we can protect our environment and stabilize the grid simultaneously.

1. 50,000 Cycles

One of the main differentiators between PowerCap® Supercapacitor technology and standard battery systems is its extended lifespan. Where most batteries on the market today last between 5-10 years, the PowerCap® has a 20-year warranty with an expected 25–30-year operational lifespan. This is achieved due to the technology’s ability to reach 50,000 cycles rather than the industry standard 5,000-10,000 cycles. But what is a cycle? And why do they dictate a battery’s lifespan?

A charge cycle is the process of depleting and charging a battery. A ‘deep’ discharge’ occurs when a battery is completely depleted, and a ‘shallow discharge’ simply refers to a partial discharge. If a battery can perform more cycles, the battery will inevitably last longer. The reason the PowerCap® can achieve 50,000+ cycles is that its architecture is a hybridisation of electrostatic and electrochemical technology.

2. 20-yr Warranty

Omnexa can guarantee that PowerCap® technology has a minimum 20-year lifespan because of its unique, Graphene-based supercapacitor componentry. Unlike traditional battery technology, the PowerCap® holds an electrostatic charge rather than a purely chemical charge. This is why all Omnexa technology is 100% recyclable with some elements even being biodegradable.

3. Australian Designed & Developed

Based in Queensland, our team of Internationally Accredited and Certified Engineering Researchers spent 10 years in research & development to create the PowerCap® technology we know today. Committed to keeping Australian business on Australian shores, Omnexa is devoted to continuing its operations from its country of origin.

4. Cleaner & Safer than Lithium-ion

As PowerCap® technology uses a hybridisation of electrostatic and electrochemical architecture as opposed to purely chemical, there is no risk of ‘thermal runaway’, a flammable reaction that can occur in lithium and lead-acid batteries due to chemical degradation.

PowerCap® technology has been rigorously tested by a global independent inspection body (TUV) and was found to meet the requirements of the German Equipment and Product Safety Act.

5. 99% Depth of Discharge (DC)

PowerCap® users can enjoy the full use of their energy storage unit with an available depth of discharge of up to 99% on a DC basis.

6. A Complete Solution

As CEC accredited solar and battery installers we can help from enquiry to installation. We also offer a rental option of the PowerCap® to those wanting to lease the equipment.