Maximize your Solar Efficiency at Home with These Simple Tips

Maximize your Solar Efficiency at Home with These Simple Tips

Today, almost 1 in 5 Australian households are fitted with solar panels making maximising solar efficiency a top priority for many. Below are some simple tips to make the most of your solar and or home energy storage system…

Understand Your Energy Usage

Our lifestyles can vary greatly from home to home, this is why there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ energy efficiency plan but if you can understand how solar energy works you can use this to your advantage.

Scenario 1: Solar Only

As solar energy is generated throughout the day it is ideal to use this clean, safe and affordable energy when available so that you’re not drawing from the grid during peak-tariff periods. While some night-time energy usage is inevitable such as lights, hot water, stove tops etc., many electrical activities that can be prepped in advance to use solar energy rather than grid electricity. Below are some examples…

  • Set your dishwasher and washing machine to run during the day,
  • Ensure that your home is well insulated and pre-heat or pre-cool your home in the afternoon to reduce the amount required in the evening,
  • Charge your appliances during the day where possible.

Scenario 2: Solar + Battery

If you have a home energy storage system or battery, you can enjoy effortless energy freedom by using your energy how you like, when you like. If, however, you prefer to export your stored energy back to the grid to capitalize on peak-tariff export opportunities, you can achieve this by integrating Virtual Power Plant technology into your home.

Virtual Power Plant (VPP) technology shows benefits to both the battery owner and the electricity operator. To learn more about this technology click here.