How to Check if Your Home Uses Single or Three Phase Power

Knowing how to Check if Your Home Uses Single or Three Phase Power is important if you’re looking to invest in solar or energy storage. It is also helpful to know when installing aircon, pool heaters, fridges etc. This is because some appliances may consume too much energy for your home to handle. The difference between single-phase and three-phase power supply is simple… Three-phase homes are built to manage large electrical loads whereas single-phase homes are not. Moreover, three-phase homes have a voltage capacity of 415V whereas single phase is only 230V.

Find out if your home is single or three-phase by following these easy steps!

Option 1: Check Your Electricity Meter Box

The voltage of your home can usually be found on the face of this meter. There is lots of information listed here, however, so you need to keep your eyes peeled. Sometimes this information isn’t always listed as simple as: Single Phase or Three Phase. Often it may appear in wording such as Mono-Phase, 1-P or 1-Phase and for three-phase it can be shown as Tri-Phase or Polyphase.

Option 2: Call Your Energy Provider

Failing the meter box check, you can always contact your energy company as they have this information stored on file. Make sure you have the latest copy of your energy bill handy or your customer number at the ready.

Option 3: Number of Circuit Breakers

Another method to determine the voltage of your home is by the circuit breaker switches. Do this by opening your meter box and finding the labelled ‘Main Switch’. If there are three of these switches clumped together, your home runs on three-phase power. If there is only one switch, however, you have single-phase power.

Option 4: Take a Photo

Option 4: Take a Photo
Failing the first two options, you can take a photo of your meter box and send our team of sustainable energy installers an email with the photo attached ([email protected]). Your meter box may not have the information we need to determine the phase of your home but we’ll do our best!