How to Beat the Australian Solar Export Tax

The Australian Energy Market Commission (AEMC) has just released new rules to allow power companies to charge an Australian Solar Export Tax. This means that Australians currently benefitting from solar feed-in-tariffs will soon be billed to send power back to the grid. This change has left many Australian residents asking the question, how can I avoid paying the Australian Solar export tax? Omnexa has the perfect solution – PowerCap® energy storage technology.

PowerCap® technology allows users to absorb the excess solar energy produced throughout the day for later use. Rather than sending your precious sun rays to the increasingly unstable grid and being penalised for it, you can power your home independently to the grid with the energy you produce!

How Does PowerCap® Energy Storage Technology Work?

The PowerCap® system can be added to an existing solar system or in an Omnexa solar package to guarantee energy bill reduction or to simply provide blackout protection and increased energy independence. The PowerCap® system connects to your rooftop solar via an AC coupled compatible inverter, absorbs the daytime energy produced and then provides clean, safe and affordable energy around the clock to suit your usage requirements.

Why will Australians be Penalised for Exporting Solar Energy?

AEMC chief executive Benn Barr said, “Households selling their excess power back into the grid are putting increasingly unmanageable strain on a system that was not set up to be two-way. As we go from 20 percent to 50 percent (solar penetration) and beyond, the grid needs to change,” he said.
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Former Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) Director and current Omnexa Strategic Advisor, Mr Jon Hubbard says, “Maintaining a reliable and secure power system during Australia’s transition toward 100% renewable energy requires an uptake of local energy generation and storage systems to provide grid support and assist in maintaining affordability of electricity.”

“Omnexa’s PowerCap® ‘battery alternative’ technology provides electricity bill savings and supports national CO2 emission reduction through clean energy absorption during times of abundant solar generation, for use during the peak demand period later in the day,” Mr Hubbard concluded.

Founder, principal engineer, and CEO of Omnexa Mr Ahmed El Safty says, “Increased uptake of energy storage technology will act as an ancillary utility to the grid; balancing grid voltage and frequency as more renewables come online will determine Australia’s success in achieving net-zero emissions.”