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What Size Battery System Should I Install for my Home?

When considering whether to add energy storage to your home, you’ll probably find yourself asking, ‘What size battery system should I install?’ The answer is fairly straightforward and ultimately comes down to your energy usage habits…

Our 6 Faces of Difference – Explained

We’re different from other energy storage providers because of our commitment to sourcing natural elements from the Earth. Commonly used battery agents such as Lithium-ion or Lead Acid for example are mined and are toxic to our environment if not properly disposed of.

Why Become a PowerCap® Partner?

By joining our body of Authorised PowerCap® installers, your solar or electrical business can become a complete energy service provider to better support your clientele and the Earth. Omnexa’s array of clean energy training courses make improving your personal or employee’s skill base easy! Additionally, our team of RPEQ engineers are available for electrical support and or troubleshooting for complex electrical configurations such as off-grid and two-phase power supply.

How to Beat the Australian Solar Export Tax

The AEMC has just released new rules to allow power companies to charge an Australian Solar Export Tax. This means that Australians currently benefitting from solar feed-in-tariffs will soon be billed to send power back to the grid. This change has left many Australian residents asking the question, how can I avoid paying the Australian Solar export tax? Omnexa has the perfect solution – PowerCap® energy storage technology.

Graphene vs Lithium-Ion Battery Comparison

Ever wondered about the difference between Graphene and Lithium-Ion? As the energy storage market grows to meet consumer demand, Graphene and Lithium-Ion compounds are being compared to determine a user’s ROI and embedded environmental impact. The main areas of consideration when comparing home batteries are Cycle Life, Energy Density and Recyclability.

Maximize your Solar Efficiency with These Simple Tips

Today, almost 1 in 5 Australian households are fitted with solar panels making maximising solar efficiency a top priority for many. Below are some simple tips to make the most of your solar and or home energy storage system…

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