Developing technology that harnesses elements from the Earth for the Earth.

In 1995, our principal engineer and CEO identified that battery technology was key to delivering a renewable energy future. It was clear to him that these systems needed to be efficient, safe, and long-lasting but most importantly, they would need to utilize elements that enhance the Earth rather than deplete it.

After 10 years of Australian research and development, Omnexa conceived PowerCap®, a Hybrid Supercapacitor energy storage technology. Omnexa then applied it to both stationary (Grid support services, Commercial, industrial, residential, rural and mining) and mobile (Electric Vehicles, Electric Boats, Rocket Propulsion etc.) applications.

Our team of Post-Doctorate Researchers and RPEQ engineers developed an integrated stationary system that can maximise long-term energy bill saving from a residential scale right through to large grid forming Micro-Grid applications.

Having successfully installed over 23.6MW of renewable systems (wind, solar and geothermal), the Omnexa team is proud to introduce the combined commercial and residential energy generation (Solar or Wind) and Powercap® energy storage technology. Today, PowerCap® technology is helping Australian’s secure clean, affordable and safe energy 24/7.

The surest way to achieve environmental, economic, and social sovereignty is through clean, decentralized energy practices.

The Energy Challenge

In the current climate, access to clean, affordable, and on-demand energy is a scarce resource.

As electricity prices are consistently rising and grid voltage remains unbalanced, challenges such as power surges and peak tariff fees are only set to worsen.

If we collectively unshackle our energy production methods from fossil fuels, we can protect our environment and stabilize the grid simultaneously.

PowerCap® technology uses graphene-based electrostatic architecture to ensure that this common goal is achieved.

What is Graphene?

Graphene is a single layer of carbon atoms, tightly bound in a hexagonal honeycomb lattice.

Discovered in 2004, this ‘wonder’ compound conducts heat and electricity more efficiently than copper and silver due to its interconnected surface area.

Being the thinnest and strongest compound known, Graphene weighs just 0.77 milligrams per square metre and is 200 times stronger than steel.

Unlike other battery systems, the PowerCap® Graphene Hybrid Supercapacitor can safely store electrons for up to 3 months with increased efficiency and overall lifespan.

Professional Accreditations

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Omnexa to Provide Vue Eco Village Development with Bushfire Protection Technology

Omnexa is pleased to announce that it has signed a research partnership with Green Vision Developments to provide the Vue Eco Village in Goonellabah, NSW with a world-first bushfire protected, microgrid community system.

PowerCap® at Energy Next in July 2021

Come visit us at Stand L101, where you can speak to our team of Clean Energy Advisors about both our Residential and Commercial energy storage systems. We are happy to provide assistance regarding product specifications, installation, pricing, as well as the history of the PowerCap® and our dedication to utilising elements from the Earth, for the Earth to raise the quality of living for all.

PowerCap® Voltage & Frequency Stabilization

On any regular day, utility companies must plan how much energy to generate and distribute onto the grid. Grid operators will often predict energy consumption based on historical trends and data, primarily by referencing usage on the same day of the previous year. With these predictive models being the norm for operations, utility companies cannot respond to live consumer demands thus often resulting in a surplus or shortage of energy.

Simple Tips to Reduce Your Energy Bill

Simply switching out old incandescent/halogen lights with inexpensive LED’s can make a huge difference in your quarterly electricity bill. These bulbs are high-powered, safe, and convenient to install. Do you prefer the ‘yellow’ light that emits from your existing halogen bulbs? Worry not, LED’s come in a range of colours to suit your every ambience desire. You can even purchase colour changing bulbs that connect to your smartphone as a controller!

How to Check if Your Home Uses Single or Three Phase Power

Knowing if your home uses single or three phase power is important if you're looking to invest in solar or energy storage. It is also helpful to know when installing aircon, pool heaters, fridges etc.

Grid Stabilisation

The perceived intermittency of renewable energy has often been pointed to as the driving argument against adopting a sustainable energy model. Now, however, with surprise blackouts, peak tariffs, and grid load-shedding, people are looking to leave the once 'dependable grid' for good.

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